No signal on my VGA, what does mean?

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When I start up my computer is beeping all the usual stuff and as always, but when I turn on my VGA screen and no signal.

I have a video card based on their backs of the computer where the cable shield is one of the screws do not screw the bolt is missing.

What can I do to fix it (sorry for the long message)

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No signal on my VGA, what does mean?


Hi. Since it’s telling “VGA No Signal”, it would mean different things.  I want you try these suggestions and see what you find out.

  • Sometimes such message would mean that the monitor is not getting a VGA signal from the computer.
  • VGA(Video Graphic Array)—it’s the blue analog cable.
  • First, you have to check the video cable connection from your computer tower to the monitor and make sure that it’s plugged in properly and correctly on two ends. If it is I want you complete turn off the whole system. If it’s completely off, hold the power button for at least 5 seconds to drain the remaining power.
  • While it’s completely shut down unplug the VGA cable then plug it back in. When you turn the computer did you see any video graphics in the monitor?
  • You can also reseat the RAM sticks in the computer.
  • Also if you have another LCD or monitor to use, you can try another one if it works. If it’s still not working it could be a bad LCD monitor, motherboard or video card on the computer.
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No signal on my VGA, what does mean?


Greetings Panghaidar,

This are some guides that can help to your computer issues.

  1. Reconnect the cable from the monitor to the CPU. Maybe its just loosen up.
  2. Because it is beeping. There are wrong in your CPU. Open the case of your CPU and try to remove the RAM and clean it from dust. Don't use your hands. wear gloves. This will prevent static energy to transfer to your RAM. This Static will destroy your RAM. and put it again to the RAM slot.
  3. Remove your Video Card and Clean it Also.

I hope this will help to your problem.



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