No Internet Connections on Home Network: Connection Settings Shows it is Connected

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My laptop has a problem. When I connect it to the internet through our home network it doesn’t connect. When I check the
connection settings it is indicated that the connection is working properly. But when I go to my browser it shows me that it’s offline.
I’m also having the same problem with the peer to peer network (p2p) and all other programs that connect to the internet. My PC and my laptop are connected on the same server. My PC connects to the internet properly and doesn’t seem to have a problem. Then today at school I tried to connect to the internet using their server. The internet was connected but it again could not get the internet through. I tried using the internet setting transfer wizard from my PC to the laptop but it never worked. This problem happened before and I formatted the laptop and after formatting it worked well. I am planning to format it again if I don’t find a way of making it work. I would like to try other solution before doing the formatting. Is there anybody with a solution to this problem?

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No Internet Connections on Home Network: Connection Settings Shows it is Connected


Hello Ann,

You do not have to format your computer when it tells you that it is offline. You can fix this from the browser that you are using. Use the following simple procedure to fix the problem:

  • In the menu of you browser go to file and then click on it.
  • Look for Work Offline in the list and then uncheck it is checked or remove the tick that indicates that the browser is in the work offline mode.
  • Refresh the browser, or close it and open it again. It should be able to browse now.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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No Internet Connections on Home Network: Connection Settings Shows it is Connected


Dear as you said that the formatting solved your problem so it’s clear that your laptop has no hardware issues but only software or Windows issue.

Please check the following to ensure that your network settings are not disturbed after installation of windows.
1. Go to run command and in their type services.msc
2. Now check services as in the below image they should be started if not then start them by double click on them and then select Automatic Mode and then start the service.
3. After starting these services go to Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Now expand the Software Restriction Policies and select Unrestricted instead of Restricted as your default settings for all software’s.
After doing this you network and your browser will work fine, and you will be able to use the internet on your laptop.
But if you still face the problem then do the following steps too:
1. Go to your browser properties Click on Advance tab.
2. Scroll the advance tab to the end and check the boxes as shown in the image your problem will be resolved.

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