No disks suitable for cluster disks were found

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I got this weird error message when I try to add a disk to Windows 2008 Operating system. I do not understand the root cause of this problem. Is this problem is related to cluster software. Do I need to use a different one? Please help me to find the good one and help me in configuration. Thanks a lot.



No disks suitable for cluster disks were found. For diagnostic information about disks available to the cluster, use the Validate a Configuration Wizard to run Storage tests.

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No disks suitable for cluster disks were found


The cluster disks are unavailable and also, not important so you’re seeing this message.

There should be no cluster disks if you have a 2-node Failover Cluster with SQL server instance. There should be only local disks, no cluster disks. None of the disks should be chosen by cluster disks.

The cluster validation wizard is warning you that the cluster disks are inaccessible. However, they are not recognized so such error is popping up.

If you have utilized cluster disks for SQL Server, you have to uninstall the SQL Server, fix disk configuration, and then install SQL Server freshly.

This should get you rid of such error.

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