The event log service is not available

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I am using the 64 bit Standard Windows Server 2008. I am facing a problem with the view of ‘Event Viewer’.

When I am clicking on Event Viewer’ an error message is getting which says that ‘the event log service is not available’.

I have confirmed that the service is running properly.  Also when I click on start in Windows Event log it also gave me an error message which says ‘the Windows Event Log service cannot be started’.

The instance name which had passed is not recognizing as valid by the ‘WMI’ data provider. Even the troubleshooting could not solve the problem.

It will be great if anybody can help me to solve this problem. 

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The event log service is not available


Hi,  To solve your problem you have to do this step.

Step1. Click start menu and then click run command, on the box write  %windir%System32Logfiles and then change the owner to the Administrator. After finishing this step run your pc with safe mode must be without networking.

Step2. Go to start menu click run command on the box write cmd, on the command prompt write "net stop winmgmt" and press the enter key. Again go to run and write %windir%system32WBEM after that rename Repository folder, and restart your pc in normal mode.

Step3. Again go to run command and open command prompt write "net stop winmgmt" press enter key again type "winmgmt /resetRepository" and reboot your pc.

I think your problem will be solved.

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