Nintendo Wii U with the Third Party Games

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I’m looking forward to have this Nintendo Wii U, because I heard that there will be a third party games on it.

What are some game that will be added on this?         

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Nintendo Wii U with the Third Party Games


Many great games for the Wii U are announced on the just-finished Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last week.

Here are the ones that stand out:

ZombiU – a pretty innovative take on the already saturated zombie theme

ZombiU (developer:Ubisoft) – A game that has the crowd surprised because of its innovative take on a zombie-themed game. Imagine a game that combines Left 4 Dead with Demon’s Souls. It is a first-person game that has the complexity and depth of a super-hard game like Demon’s Souls.

In this game, if you die, you can play again but this time with an all-new character. Any stats or equipment that you had with your previous character are all gone. This adds a tremendous difficulty and clearly defines the word “survival”.

Lego City Undercover: Your big city creations when you are playing Lego back then are going to be a reality.

Lego City Undercover (developer:TT Fusion) – A highly-anticipated game because it uses the wonderful building blocks of Lego. There are other Lego games that became very successful (like the Harry Potter series) but this time the Lego franchise is set with the style similar to Grand Theft Auto. It is a sandbox game, in which there is an open world (or city in this case) where you can do anything.

There are other games worth mentioning too like Assassin’s Creed III (but on other platforms as well) and a game with a working title called “Project P100”, but because of the two games above it can firmly place the Nintendo WiiU as a key player in the gaming industry when its going to be released. 

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