Nike error during the connection in Fuel Band

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Hello experts,

I got a message that says Error #52 when I plug in my Nike FuelBand into my computer today. I can't sync my data anymore after that. Does anyone have a solution for this error ? What could be the problem ?

Thank you !



Error #52 encountered. The Nike+ FuelBand is not responding. Unplug and plug the device aback into the USB port to try again.

If the problem persists, please visit the Nike+ support page.

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Nike error during the connection in Fuel Band



Such problem is hard to fix but not impossible. Try the following techniques.

1. From “Nike+ Connect”, press “Quit”.

2. Unplug your device.

3. Re-plug it again.
If no result, do the same for several times.

If this doesn’t solve your issue,

1. Quit and unplug your device.

2. Plug-in it into any other USB port

Make sure that the ports aren’t on a hub.

If no result, there’s no other way than resetting to factory settings. To do so, go to Nike Connect application, and perform a “Factory Reset”.

Your problem should go for good now.

If you're still having the same issue, you have to contact with Nike+.

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