Men of War Assault Squad game error

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Hi Guys,

I am a lover of games and I recently bought Men of War Assault Squad which is a great game. This is in from of a DVD. You understand that these games have missions so after completing two missions I could not load any other mission. What I get is an error message.

Error message:

Program will be terminated

Eip=006e0e77 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION read at 0x000001a0

Eax=00000000 ebx=00000000 ecx=00b29e93edx=00cae358

Esi=2b3b13e0 edi=35fc2638 esp=0238f1a0 ebp=0238f294






>spawn platform[10011]

Men of War: Assault Squad- v2.05.13-standard

2012.06.02 18- 0x01220E0E

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Men of War Assault Squad game error



Men of War Assault Squad is having this problem because it is unable to have the right data. As you said, you have got it from a DVD. Sometimes, the files doesn’t have the complete data so the game terminates.

Try getting a fresh copy of this game. Also, be sure that you have got the latest patch. It also consists of the latest bug fixes.


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