What particular step in burning from Nero I was mistaken?

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Can you please help me figure out in what particular step in burning from Nero I was mistaken? 

I already inserted the media in the DVD Writer and Nero or lightscribe has even allowed me to layout the label I want it to burn however, an error message appeared “Internal Error Occurred”.

I was really wondering because I think was able to follow the certain steps but then I was unsuccessful for burning it.  How am I supposed to get through it?

What I got is Nero 11 and Running XP Pro, SP 3.

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What particular step in burning from Nero I was mistaken?


You have no mistakes in burning a CD in Nero and all you did was right. I think there is a problem in your software you should try to uninstall it and after uninstalling Nero install it again.

If there is still a problem try System Restore it can be found in Accessories then System Tools there you could find System Restore.

Nero 11 also has minimum system requirements found in this site http://www.nero.com/enu/index.php?vlang=us

You could check it and maybe you have not meet all the requirements needed to install the software maybe you lack  128 MB video memory or you don’t have Microsoft DirectX 9.0 that’s why you encounter an error in burning a disc.

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