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I am trying new Xfce RC but there are following issues: 

One is printer related other is thunar related.

I am using a USB printer which is connected to NAS box but ADD PRINTER not working when i click on it.

So the question is,

Pl tell the way to access printer?

Second, I want to access Network storage drives but NETWORK is not listed in a tuner device list.

So Question are,

Turner does not have similar default function for accessing network devices?

Thunar also not able to add hard drives when i boot it from USB?

But so far I did not look at whether it is problem related to O.S or Directory tool.


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Dear Rockey

You have two problems and there is a solution:

Add printer button not working, if you are using USB printer. Just plug your printer cable into system and system automatically detects and install your system. If your system does not detect your printer then check your USB cable and power cable of the printer.

Q: Thunar does not have similar default function for accessing network devices?

A: Yes Thunar have similar default function for accessing network devices.

Q: Thunar also not able to add hard drives when I boot it from USB?

A: Check your system setup and check drive configuration. A USB Hard drive option must be ON.


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Hi Rockey,

Linux is a bit more complex than Windows regarding device installation.

Let’s talk about your NAS and the feature to see its disks on Thunar. First of all you must check if your network is working and you have at least SAMBA to see network shared volumes.

Obviously your network must be well configured and each device has his IP address, so, check if you have a connection to the NAS by pinging it.

You can manage your NAS simply typing its IP address on your browser:

http://ip address

Verify if you have SAMBA installed, if it’s not, install SAMBA by typing:

dpkg –i samba samba-common-bin samba-common.

 After your SAMBA is working you can mount on your file system a network volume by typing a command like the following one :

  • Create a folder, it usually used a folder under /mnt : mkdir /mnt/server

Mount the network volume:

Mount the network volume

You will have your network drive under /mnt/ntserver, check it on Thunar.

Linux is a bit more complex

Regarding your printer, I fear you must connect it to computer directly and not to the NAS. You can verify it by configuration page of your NAS in the web browser.

Check your NAS documentation, if a printer installation is contemplated, you should try to share it and use it on Linux with SAMBA.