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Hello everybody,

I have Network monitor as one of desktop widget, and I am sure that it was working before, at least during, Live run before installation. But currently it gives me a White Square only, and no information within (just White Square).

When I try to configure it, I have found the drop-down list under network interface to be empty.

That is very strange, sine I am using WIFI network.

Please, I want your suggestions or ideas?


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Updating your D-Link router for monitoring, from your desktop is easy!

  • Download the latest firmware for your D-Link router here: DIR-625, DIR-628, DIR-655, DIR-825, DIR-855, DGL-4500.
  • Install the new firmware, by logging into the admin screen of your router. To log into your router, type into your web browser, address bar and enter your password.
  • Download the D-Link Widget.
  • Install the D-Link Widget.
That's it! Your network settings are now displayed on your desktop!

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I faced this problem before, and I believe the solution will be as follow:

1- Right click on desktop --> Gagdets

2- Right click on Network Monitor Gadget then Click ( Uninstall )

3- Go to the following web site   Then click on download

 4- On the following screen click ( Install )

5- On the following screen click ( save as )

6- Select where to save your file  (Network_Meter_V6.4)

7- Now, let’s install the Network_Meter_V6.4 on your computer

Then click Install

8- Now, you will find this Gadget on your desktop

9- Let’s configure the Gadget to your adapter

  • Click ( Options ) on the right hand side of the Gadget

    1. On the ( Network Interface For Internal IP ) select your 802.11 wireless adapter.
    2. On the ( Network Interface For speed ) select your 802.11 wireless adapter ( the same one).
    3. Auto loading when network failure : select ( ON ).
    4. Total Bandwidth usage : select (ON).
    5. Interval: By default it’s 1 second, but you can change it to another number if you feel that it may affect your processing speed.
    6. On the second tab ( Display ) select the option : Show External IP – Auto.
    7. Mode : Display Bits/s.
    8. Now, you can enjoy your Network Monitor Gadget.

    I hope these instructions are helpful.

    Thank you.