Nero Vision Express Internal Error 255

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Greetings to all Techyv members!

I'm burning a 2 hour length documentary from my hard disk using NeroVision.

A few minutes into the process it stalls and comes up with this error.

Has anyone encountered this before and solved it?

Please help, and thank you for any advice.


Unable to prepare data for recording: Failed to get disc content (internal error 255).

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Nero Vision Express Internal Error 255


It is an internal error generated by the application. I think the disc is still ok since the application is still preparing the data for burning to the disc and the actual burning has not yet started.

Try running the program again and see if the error is still the same. If it displays a constant error every time you try burning the project, it is either the application can’t handle the size of the data that is going to be burned or there is an error in your system.

Run a disk check on your computer to see if there is any error that is preventing the application from working properly.

  1. Right click on drive C and then select Properties.
  2. Click Tools tab.
  3. Click Check Now button.
  4. Check Automatically fix file system errors and then click Start.

If no error was found try launching the application again.

If it’s the same, use other video editing application where you can burn a video also.

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Nero Vision Express Internal Error 255


Hi Helen

I will advice that you check to ensure that your nerovision is actually is good condition, because problems like broken registry keys, can be causing it to malfunction.

You can fix such a problem by uninstalling and reinstalling nerovision. Or could try burning another document and see its behavior, if it malfunctions then you can get another burning software like ashampoo and install it and use it for burning.

Otherwise check to ensure that you are trying to burn on the disk does not occupy a much bigger space when you compare it to the size of the DVD or CD which you are trying to burn to.

Another thing to check is to ensure that you if you are burning from an external drive like a flash disk or an external hard disk, then it should be indeed connected and you can access it and open it, because if you cannot read from it then you cannot write information from it.


Lee Hung.

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