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Hi everyone , I am new to the web design, I have designed a web page using Adobe Photoshop ,now I want to convert the design to HTML using Dreamweaver , can anyone guide me on how to do this?

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Dreamweaver is a WYSIWG type of editor.

First of all create the Photoshop template .Then think about what sections  we are planning to use HTML or CSS and which portions may need slicing.This process will help us to reduce a lot of times and make work easier.Slicing can be done for header ,logo,background color and for footer where as CSS can be used for colors,size position,borders,lines,etc.To slice first of all select the slice tool and make a selection of logo and title  by right clicking and then click on options and name it as logo_title and press ok. Now, do the same steps for all other slicing portions.

After slicing is finished go to saveas in the filemenu and select save for web or devices and set the file type as gif and click save.

Now,we can do html

create home.html and style.css

.now you just have to do is put your html and css codes in it as you require (which is really easy)

So,try your way and hope you will be able to convert it.

If you still need some help then feel free to pm me