The dangers of adware spams

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Hi and good day Techyv friends and pals!

I know adware is a software that can be downloaded to your computer to show advertisements that can take many forms like banners and pop-up windows. But here are my set of question, how can I get Adware on my computer?

Why does Adware exist?

What does Adware do?

What are dangers of it?

Can I get adware spam?

Any help would be nice and would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Kurtt Stewart

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The dangers of adware spams


Adware also called Advertising supported software and this is a software package that offers advertisement automatically so that it's author can generate income. You get adware mostly when using the internet to download free software and this advertisements start appearing on your desktop.

The reason why adware exists is that initially it was getting rid of unwanted ads and determine what people liked in terms of their internet browsing habits. Nowadays it's purpose has since turned around and all it seems to be ding is bombard your desktop with so many unwanted ads.

Adware has it's own shortcomings and some of the dangers include computer slowdown, consumption of bandwidth and taking up of much computer hard disk space. Anyone downloading freeware from the internet is at risk of receiving adware as spam.

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