Need help installing Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

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Can someone very knowledgeable help me fix my installation problems with my Mac Book? I cannot install Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 in my Mac Book. What should I do? After trying to reinstall it as what it suggested me, the installation still failed. I need your help.

There were errors with installation. You may want to try installing


The installation failed.

The installer encountered an error that caused the

installation to fail.

Contact the software manufacturer

for assistance.

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Need help installing Microsoft Office for Mac 2011


Hello Drew Argen,

First of all ensure that you are running the latest version of Operating system.

Actually what happens is that when you start the system in normal mode, multiple services and application start running in the background like, Antivirus, system processes, system utilities etc which interferes with the installation of office. In order to work around this, you must start your system in safe mode (By pressing the shift key at the start of system) and log on with an administrator account.

Now try to install the office, if the installation finishes without any error, this means that the background program or services as mentioned above were interfering with the installations.

If you still observe the issue, then start the system in normal mode and then perform the following steps one by one:

1- Create a new user with admin rights and try to install the office, if the installation is performed successfully then the issue is with the existing user rights and not system wide, you must contact Apple support to ask the issue with the user account, or you can Re-name your new account as the actual user account you want to use.

2- If the problem persist, then try the installation after disabling YOUR ANTIVIRUS.

3- If you still get an error, then a possibility is with the language preferences of your system, O/S MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard), (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Tibetan). To check this, start the office installation, click on CUSTOMIZE, in the installation choice tree expand Microsoft office xxx, expand proofing tool, click to clear the Norwegian check box, and then click install.

4- After installation, click on the apple icon on the top, and click system preferences, personal, International, in the languages list select a language other than the four mentioned above, click on the new language and drag it to the top of the list. Close the window.

5- Log out and then log in back with the same account. And again install the office again, and then perform the steps mentioned in serial four above BUT now drag the original language to the top of language list.

Your issue should be resolved by now.


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Need help installing Microsoft Office for Mac 2011



I suggest you to check the following on your Mac operating system.

>>Make sure you are updating the operating system.

>>Check if there are any scratches on the DVD containing MS Office 2011.

>>Now, quit all running applications.

>>Insert the DVD into the disk drive.

>>Double click the setup icon if it does not automatically pop up.

>>Click on “Continue” button.

>>Read the Software License Agreement and click continue.

>>Click on “Agree” to accept the terms.

>>Click on install to continue the installation of the application.

>>You can click on the Customize button to select or remove optional applications.

>>You’ll need to enter the Mac user name and password.

>>Now, the installation will begin.

>>When the installation is complete, you’ll receive a message.

>>You’ll be prompted to enter the product key. Enter the product key and hit Activate.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.




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