Names of all the popular data structures

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Hello! I am a computer science student and I just finished my data structures course. The data structures I have studies so far are Arrays, Stack, Queue, Linked List, Trees(Binary), heaps and graphs. My question is are there more data structures? If yes also tell me where and when are they exactly used?

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Names of all the popular data structures


Data Structures and algorithms play a vital role in computer science. It helps us organize information on a computer which is directly proportional to performance.

There are three steps to perform operations on a given data. They are:

1. Input

2. Processing

3. Execute

It is the second step where data structures and algorithms are used. "Processing" involves computation, storing data and retrieving it. The data should be organized properly for efficient manipulation. This is possible only when the correct data structure is used.

The different types of data structure are:

Hash Table: It is used for fast data lookup, database indexing, caches, Unique data representation.

Records: It is a set of fields. Each field consists of data of a specific data type.

Union: It stores only one value at a time. For example, it could store either a float or a long integer unlike record which stores both float and integer.

Set: It is an abstract data structure that can store specific values, without any duplicates and in any order.

Tables: Consists of rows and columns. Similar to records, manipulation of data affects the entire table.

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