My Vga Monitor Is Overheating

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I use laptop Lenovo G450 spec Intel Pentium dual core T4300, 2gb ddr 3 ram,nvidia vga g210m 512 mb.

I like playing games and hobby to editing video, lately I have a problem on my computer, my computer often die when playing games like battlefield 2 and company of heroes,after I check with the software like speed pan to check gpu and processor temperature I quickly learned that gpu overheating, I was very confused because if I edit a video using after effect the gpu is not too hot, whether you have a solution to my problem,


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Games with high video requirements usually demand maximum performance from graphics hardware.  This causes your GPU to heat up faster and eventually overheat if not properly ventilated.  Editing of multimedia files such as videos, music, photos are not as taxing to the GPU.  While it may seem that these files, especially video, are very demanding of video hardware, they are not.  Editing of videos are usually more demanding of processor power.

My suggestion is to keep your laptop well-ventilated.  Do not place it on soft surfaces such as cloth, your bed or on anything that will cover the holes underneath and to the sides of your laptop.  If you can, buy a decent laptop cooler.  These coolers are basically fans that are placed underneath the laptop to help in circulating air.  Using your laptop in an air-conditioned room is also one way to lessen heat buildup and so is pointing an electric fan on your laptop.

Hope this helps.

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Your game may be too GPU demanding that is why it overheats it. Video editing and /or rendering is more on a CPU intensive exercise hence the GPU will not be loaded too much. However, if your location has enough ventilation and the laptop is not located in a congested and crowded desk, then there may be a problem with your cooling system. It may be lacking thermal compound already or the fan may not be moving the hot air efficiently enough that the computer overheats when loaded. Call Lenovo and have them replace your cooling system on the computer.

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