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I accidentally dropped my phone yesterday and when I turned it on, a white background with line streaks appeared on the screen of my phone. I tried to tapped the screen on my phone (since it is a touch screen phone) but it is not working so I turned it off again then I removed the battery and reinserted it. Unfortunately, when I turned on my phone again there is still a white background with line streaks. What should I do? I badly need help.

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Hello there!

Probably, the LCD of your phone might be damaged causing your phone to have a white background on it. Apparently, cases like this needs mechanical repair since it is hard for you alone to be fixing your own phone. Try to let a phone specialist who is an expert to see your phone and see the extent of the damage. There are instances that they replace your LCD monitor to be able to view a better one. I suggest you let it be repaired by someone who has good knowledge to it. Do not open your phone with your own will since it might worsen it. 

Hope it helped.



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You need the phone to be fixed. What is your cellphone? If it is an Apple phone then you need to go to an Apple store near you. The LCD in your cellphone is broken, they need to replace the one in your phone. If there's no Apple store nearby then you can call their support and they may give you idea on how to fix your phone. If you have different cellphone then you can go to a store that offers cellphone repair and get your LCD changed. For assured repair of your cellphone you can use your cellphone warranty.