My Pc’s Memory Usage is higher than the CPU Usage Windows 7

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How to decrease the memory  usage on my PC?

My Pc is running on Windows 7 Ultimate, then ram is 1Gb, what experience is it slowdown my Pc then i found out that in the Task Manager performance is the memory usage is High almost taken 1Gb.

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My Pc’s Memory Usage is higher than the CPU Usage Windows 7


You can't do much.

Maybe it's because of Windows 7.

I think windows 7 ultimate need more then 1 Gb to operate without lag.

Or just try to reinstall your operating system. 

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My Pc’s Memory Usage is higher than the CPU Usage Windows 7


Good day, Lark7t7!

Windows 7 requires at least 1Gb RAM for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit Pc's. To see which category your pc
belongs, you might check hardware specs by right-clicking My Computer Icon > System Type.
Aside from opting to RAM upgrade, you can also monitor background-running applications as 
these primarily causes pc to slow down because it consumes your memory even they are not being used by the user.
*Go to task manager(Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons). 
*Click on Processes tab > Memory to see which processes consumes the most memory(it's arranged in a descending manner). You might see processes like Skype, Microsoft Silverlight, Google Chrome, Yahoo Messenger, and more;
Right-click > End Process if you are not currently using those applications.Other processes like Dwm, Service Host, Windows.. are system processes so don't bother killing them.
Another cause of lags can be due to visual effects of Win7 such as window shades, blinking, Mouse-pointer shades, you must also turn them off if performance is your concern over visual effects.
Uninstall unused and unnecessary programs too to free up drive c. Transfer your movies, pictures and doc files to other drives so that Drive C will be lighter as it will be used for Os work-arounds. Use shortcuts to point to other drives to minimize duplicated files in your drives c or d/e/f/g..etc.
Lastly, on boot you can customize which programs should run immediately. 
To do this, press in Windows + R on the keyboard or (RUN) in the start orb.
Then type, msconfig
Click Startup tab. This tab shows the processes that run immediately on boot even you without clicking on them.
Un-tick the processes which you think is not useful to you.  
Please have a look for more details and options in optimizing your OS.
Good luck! 

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