Access my BIOS settings with BIOS Password

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My Operating system shows many errors. So I want to setup my operating system again. But When I want to enter my BIOS system its want a password. But I don’t know my PC’s BIOS password.



How can I enter my BIOS system?

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Access my BIOS settings with BIOS Password


If you don’t know the Bios password there is one thing to do. You need to clear the CMOS and reset your motherboard to default settings. On the motherboard locate the CMOS/BIOS CLEAR jumper or dipswitch and change its position.

Normally the jumper is labeled as CLEAR, CLEAR, CMOS, CLR, PASSWD, PWD, CLRPWD and etc. After locating it remove the jumper from the current 1-2 position and put it on 2-3 position. Then turn on the PC and your BIOS password will be cleared. After that shutdown the PC and return the jumpers to the original 1-2 position.

 Ensure that you are dealing with the correct jumper set otherwise your PC will malfunction upon changing the wrong jumper settings. Normally this jumper is located near an edge of the motherboard close to CMOS battery. You can also refer the user manual of the motherboard to find the exact place of CMOS jumpers.

You can also clear CMOS settings by removing off the CMOS battery for sometime (5 – 10 minutes) and reinstalling it. There are also various utilities designed to help bypass CMOS passwords such as PC BIOS Security and Maintenance TOOLKIT.

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