My Ipod Battery Is Dying Can I Replace It Myself?

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I have the third generation Ipod, and I've started noticing that it holds less and less of charge after each use. Since I no longer have Apple care as this was purchased from a friend who was upgrading to the touch, I'd like to try replacing the battery myself.

Do you guys feel like this is something that I could handle on my own, as I have some crafting tools and am familiar with soldering or should I take it in to see what the repair costs are vs just getting a new one? 

Thank you for this site. First poster but long time lurker and always such great advice.


Low Battery

No battery power remains.

Please connect iPod to power.

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If you want to replace your battery by your own you should be having a replacement battery kit for all the iPods of second and third generation with all the instructions mentioned in it. You can get this guide from ipodresq.

Before you perform, make sure you have all the skills required to do it. Do not use a screw driver to open instead of that use a kind of sturdy plastic material to open it.

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Hello there!

You can actually change your iPod battery yourself. You may need the actual tool kit for battery replacement. In there, you can find detailed instructions on how-to's. In case you do not have the actual kit, it may require you your skills and knowledge. Make sure you do not use sharp metals and stainless steel pointed objects in opening your IPods' case, instead, you can use plastic ones. Secure your IPods' switch first before opening the case. When you are in doubt on what you are doing, you can always seek help from others. Hope this helps.



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I have changed my Home Button and screen several times but my battery, I have never. So first of all If you really want to do this you should search for some videos to make yourself sure that you can do it. 

After all, the videos will show you what you have to do from step to step and you can decide on doing or not. 
Of course you have to have a replasement equipment and also a new battery. Be careful!

Have nice day!

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