Internet communication problem on my iPod Touch

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I have just downloaded the Springpad iPhone for my iPod Touch 4th gen.

When I entered the Springpad login name and password (I’m not using 3rd party services for login), I received this error:

"was a problem communicating with the"

Obviously because of the size of my screen, the start an end of the error message is truncated.  When I turn the iPod sideways to make more horizontal display, I am unable to see the error message because it is covered by the on-screen keyboard.

When I attempted to logon using ordinary web interface from my PC, login is successful.  At the office, I need to use a proxy server. I made the proxy server setup on my iPod successfully, so that the App Store application can access the internet.  As an example, without any trouble I downloaded the Springpad iPhone app.

So is the Springpad iPhone app having communication problems with port 80 (internet port)? If it’s the problem then I need an explanation, because most of the other ports are blocked by my company’s firewall.

Thanks for anyone that has an idea.

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Internet communication problem on my iPod Touch


There is a problem going on with the springpad iphone app these days. There servers have crashed and they are fixing it.

So what you can do is to save all your data first. Back up each and everything just in case during the repair process your data might get lost so you have a spare copy of it.

You can still manage to access it offline from any computer. That is why you are getting no error on the computer but getting the error on the ipod touch.

The mobile app version has also some issues and they are addressing it. Can you tell that which timezone do you have on your app? Because it must be set properly in order to access your account. Set the date of your ipod touch too.

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Internet communication problem on my iPod Touch


Anyway I need possessed IOS 5 and IOS 5.0.1… this 4th gen iPod touch is running even just as tumbler of which is extremely good……Nonetheless you'll find it my very own Further iPhone effect not to mention using definitely go through in iphones…I am able to see yourself this is undoubtedly not likely significant subject and additionally can possibly wind up being instantly changed

As a result of resetting the item, alternatively in the instance that experts claim does not work out through process of repairing it all….or maybe you could certainly if it turns out you and your family like exactly carry this cut so as to most of the apple company website, which usually is generally your solution. For you would at times contact apple know-how encouragement around Just one 800 275 2273 experience usually the sequential wide range with regards to your final iphone ordeal.

My family and I honestly uncertainties iOS 5 is causing most of these disorders. A new single highly regarded bugs inside these particular fresh new IOS upgrades are variety and additionally wi-fi issues on primary 'some devices' to be resolved with a new next 5.1 modify coming immediately in respect to the apple company
Note: a person will also have a 1 year guarantees about your piece of equipment via organization far too.


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