My hard drive partition can’t access correctly.

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I have a device called SATA RAID and it has been working fine barely two days ago. But then, when I tried to access the partition, it says that it is inaccessible. I've installed some partition recovery software programs to check if the entire file was there. I think it's not a physical problem because the rest of the local drives are working fine. I'm not really sure why it suddenly became inaccessible.

It will be helpful if anybody knows of a program that I can install into Win XP, so that I can recover that partition.

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My hard drive partition can’t access correctly.


Hello Shajahan!

From what I’ve read, tell me if this is correct. Your SATA RAID hard drive suddenly stopped working properly and you are certain that no physical damage has harmed your hard drive. You’ve downloaded and installed Partition Recovery software but you didn’t mention if your files are still there. So, are they still in the drive? If not, then, your hard drive has already been corrupted or something similar to that. Is your hard drive internal or external? Also, is it formatted as NTFS?

Anyway, here are some solutions that you should try to apply to troubleshoot your current situation:

  1. Use diskmgmt.msc to see if your drive is visible in your computer. This is something that needs to be cleared up. You can’t access, meaning it is visible? Or  you can't access it because your computer does not detect it at all?.

  2. If this is an external hard drive go ahead and try it with another computer or laptop and see if you can access the partition that way. If this is the case, then, it is the settings in your computer itself that needs readjustment.

  3. If your hard drive is internal, open your tower and disconnect it. Don’t forget to turn off your computer completely and unplug your power cord from the power source to avoid electrocution or damage to your tower. Reconnect it properly and turn your computer back on and see if it is now accessible.

  4. By any chance, is your hard drive partitioned in a way that one partition is Windows XP and the other is Windows Vista?  If this is the case there is a high possibility that you have installed it in the wrong order. You can perform a “Format” on your drive and install it all over again. That is of course, if you do not have important files in the hard drive.

  5. You can also try to download another brand of disk recovery software because some are better than the rest. There is a lot of free software or trial software that you can get from the internet. Research a little on which one is the best (based on reviews) and run it in your computer.

  6. Download Find and Mount software and run it to detect all the partitions in your computer. Once they are detected, try to access them.

  7. Since you are using Windows, download and install TestDisk and make sure it is for Windows. You may have to unzip the file, unzip it to an accessible drive. Go into the “testdisk-6.8” folder and open the “win”. You should see a file named “testdisk_win” and execute that file. A command window will be used so you can only be able to navigate through this via your keyboard. Select the correct drive and choose “Analyze” then press “Enter” on your keyboard.  Once it has finished analyzing the partition, it will show “Structure OK”. Select the “Change Partition” option and then “Enter”. Select “Write new partition table” and “Close TestDisk” once it is done.  Don’t  forget to restart your computer after closing “TestDisk”.

  8. In your disk management menu, is there a letter assigned to your hard drive partition? Does it show but is greyed out?  Try right-clicking it to see what options are available to you. There should be an option to switch it to “Active”. You may need to restart your computer once you have done this.

Remember, these are different solutions that you can try and do not necessarily need to follow the steps in any order.

I hope this helps!

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My hard drive partition can’t access correctly.



This problem can occur if you have uninstalled and reinstalled a DVD ROM drive, which got Windows confused with the letters assigned to each drive. This might be fixed in Disk Management.
Follow the steps below:
1. Click Start, right-click My Computer and select Manage.
2. Choose Disk Management on the navigation menu on the left hand side.
3. Now scroll down to check if all your local drive partitions are there, which are represented by rectangular blocks. On the left end of the blocks, there is some information about the specific local disk. Identify your partition that is not working.
4. Now right-click the specific partition and choose Change its letter. Now change the drive letter to something that hasn’t already been used.
5. Check the letter that has been automatically assigned to the DVD Drive. If that’s not what you want, keep it mind but don’t change it now.
6. Reboot the computer.
7. Go back to Disk Management and now change the drive letter assigned to the DVD drive.
8. Reboot the computer once again. If the problem was caused by an incorrect drive letter, it will be solved by now.
I hope I could help.
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My hard drive partition can’t access correctly.


Although you have not completely indicated your problem here, I will still tell you the solution. Your drive is not showing or it is not working and this is surely because of the format of your drive. So, you can do these steps to make it active and then take your data from it.

If you are a programming expert, you can use DOS to do this, but if not, then use simple program like WinRAR to make your drive available after you have this software. Now, open your disk drive in this program and check your files. Are they all right? Then, you can make an archive of them and then the next step is simply copying them to another location After this you can also format your drive as per your requirement. It will solve your problem.

Does this work? Anyway, if you encountered a problem you can go to safe mode and then you can do this.

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My hard drive partition can’t access correctly.



According to your question I think this Techyv post also will be helpful too because this post is  addressed this issue too.

Problem with hard drive partition


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