My DVD Drive is Disconnected,How?

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My DVD Drive says it is disconnected how do I reconnect?

Thanks for any help it will be most appreciated.

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My DVD Drive is Disconnected,How?



There may be problem with the DVD Drive or the drive is disconnected and the problem with the IDE cable or the power supply cable. So make sure that you have connected both the cables with the DVD drive properly. You can replace the recent DVD drive with a good one to check its serviceability.

You can also check the drive by yourself. Its a normal maintenance checkup. If you are unable to do so you can also contact a good technician or the respective customer care.

However you can check the current settings of your computer whether the drive is enabled or disabled.

If disabled get it enabled.

I hope you understand it


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My DVD Drive is Disconnected,How?



Your Problem with the DVD Drive is a common Problem in use for PC.

at First you check IDE cable, Open your PC cover.

Then Disconnected all cable in DVD Drive. Wash properly cable pin & Devise port.

Set again Drive & open your PC start. Inter a DVD Disk try to open. If you don't open this DVD Disc you Remember this Drive is Disable or make problem.

Your work dentition sore problem. then Replace Devise.

New DVD Drive if not open, you think Problem of cable. This time change cable.

There for you Restart this computer open Bios Program & Drive is enabled or Disabled.

I wish may be Solve your Problem.

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