My computer tries to shut down automatically

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When my computer switched on. Sometimes it tries to automatically shut down. When I switched on after that message shows that the computer hasn't shut down properly.

Please explain me what is the problem might be.

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My computer tries to shut down automatically



A problem with Shutting down Windows is probably caused by many factors. Some of them may include: a damaged sound file, damaged, or a non-compatible hardware, conflicting programs, or a damaged driver/ Incompatible Driver.

To solve this Issue:

1. Right click under My Computer and then left-click on Properties, and then click on the advanced tab. Then look under, Startup & Recovery click Settings.
2. Then look Under System Failure and make sure the box besides System reboot is unchecked. If you have software similar to Roxio, uninstall it to avoid future problems.
3. Another Solution May Be:
Under Control Panel Click on Administrative Tools, then onServices andstop the Nvidia Driver. (This feature if you have Nvidia in your computer).

Good Luck.

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