My computer restart automatically when I open it

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I face a problem. When I open my computer it restart automatically 5 or 6 times. I give windows XP pack 2 for solve it. I also check my RAM and motherboard. I think all is ok. But my problem is not solve. My RAM is new and motherboard is half new. I use Pentium 4 processor 2.00 GHz, winbird motherboard, 500 Mb RAM.

What is the main fact of this problem?

Please give me a solution.

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My computer restart automatically when I open it


Basically this problem arise due to the below mentioned reasons:

  1. Software problem or error.
  2. Hardware problem or error.
  3. Heat problem.
  4. Computer virus.
  5. Problem with operating system.

However you mentioned that you have already examined hardware of your system and installed windows XP very recently.

Therefore the possible solution of the problem is that Windows XP automatically reboots every time an error appears like BSOD.

Though it might be fine for the errors those don’t appear so often, but users those have errors in continuous basis may want to investigate the error for solving it. There are some steps mentioned below of how this option can be enabled or disabled in Windows XP.

  1. Open desktop and right-click on My Computer.
  2. Then hit the option Properties.
  3. Then hit the Advanced tab in the System Properties window.
  4. In Advanced tab hit the button named Settings under Startup and Recovery.
  5. Uncheck the Automatically restart check box in the window called Startup and Recovery.
  6. Finally click Ok.

Now if the computer creates an error then it may not automatically restart and allow you to show any errors your computer may have.

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My computer restart automatically when I open it

  • It mean some problem is causing to restart your computer. You can check step by step where the problem is located and then solve it. To locate problem remove all of the components form the PC one at a time and check which component is causing problem.
  • First try it on RAM and unplug it then run the PC what happens is it working fine then problem is located in your RAM. Do the same steps for your CD drive, Hard Disk, Mouse, Keyboard, VGA Card, Sound card and any other device your PC may have. Then you can also check you power supply on another PC to make sure it is working fine and finally the Processor.
  • If you are not aware of these components then go to you near step computer shop and your problem will be removed in minutes.

I hope this will help you a lot.

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My computer restart automatically when I open it



Dear friend i read your A to Z message you said your all parts is ok all right.

Solution is —

1. At first check your Reset button switch ok or not.

2. If not work open the jumper cable power switch and reset switch in the Motherboard (open your caching first).

Then short the power jumper by the any metal soft touch.

Try it for your best.

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