My computer is not turning ON

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Can someone gave me an idea to troubleshoot my the problem of my computer. my computer didn't turn on. I don't know what happend.



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My computer is not turning ON


Are we working with a laptop or a desktop? Are you getting a no signal error on your monitor? Is it the tower or CPU not turning on or just your monitor? Make sure your physical connections are secured, from tower to PC. The power outlet is working? If it is just the monitor not turning on then it is a possible display adapter/ video card issue. This adapter is responsible for relaying electronic signals to your monitor. So if it is busted then there will be no display on the screen. If it is the tower or CPU not turning on then check your power supply, it might have stopped working.             

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My computer is not turning ON


There are many reasons for a computer not to turn on.

One reason for it is maybe the power connection is not connected properly. To check this, you have to disconnect the power cord and reconnect it again to make sure that the cable is not loose. But if you have a power strip in which you have a switch to turn on everything together, try disconnecting the computer from it and plug it directly to the wall socket. But also, make sure that the socket is working properly by trying another gadget to it. 

Second reason could be because of aThird – party hardware. If you had recently added a new hardware to your computer, try disconnecting that device from your computer to check if that is not the underlying cause of your computer not turning on.

Third reason could be because of a bad power cable. Try using another power cable to check if the replaced cable was damaged or not. 

Fourth reason could be about a incorrect power supply. It may be because you are using a power supply that doesn't meet the enough power that the computer needs to work. Check if the power supply meet your motherboard and processor's power supply requirements.

Another reason could be because of a hardware component failure or a  power supply failure. If you do not know how to troubleshoot this, it's much better if you let a computer technician take a look at it.

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My computer is not turning ON


In case you CPU didn't turn on:

1. Put a tester on the power socket or try a different appliance to test it works.

2. Replace your power cable at the back of your power supply and see if this solves it.

3. If there is no progress, try replacing your power supply with a working one, and make sure that it switch is turned on.

4. Check all power connections on your motherboard and make sure that everything is in place.

5 Now nothing still happens, then look at the contact of the switch on the front panel. Maybe its broken and needs to glued.

6 Also if the front panel switch got wet. It will surely malfunction if its turned on.

If you meant that it turns on but not actually running:

1. Test out different combinations of placing your RAM, but you might want to erase it first before testing it out.

2. Check other peripherals like the video card first, and then the power supply.

3. If there is no choice, try replacing the CPU.

4. If everything is said and done and nothing happens we can then declare it a motherboard problem.

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