My computer built-in bluetooth failed to detect my cellphone.

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how to transfer files from CP to PC using the built-in bluetooth in the computer? I've been trying for some time now but my computer is not able to detect my cellphone. What's the matter? How to solve this problem? 

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My computer built-in bluetooth failed to detect my cellphone.


Hi Seth,

To transfer files from CP to PC is really simple. Its just like using bluetooth from CP to CP.

For your PC to detect your cellphone, you need to do the following:

-Add a bluetooth adapter. Check if your laptop, if you are using one, has a built-in bluetooth adapter. If it has a built-in bluetooth adopter, then just simply turn it on. Sometimes it is called wireless switch or something similar. If you are unsure, check your manual or your laptop's manufacturer's website for more information.

– Set up the bluetooth in order for your computer to detect your cellphone. You can just turn it on and make it discoverable. Usually when a device's bluetooth is on, it is discoverable. To learn more about it, check your manual again and the manufacturer's website. The methods of making a device discoverable vary from one device to another.

I hope this helps.

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