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I am using Windows 7 operating system.  I downloaded a document converter which seemed to be a virus and I deleted the application and ran a routine virus scan (am using Avast).

Since the operation, my accessories folder from start menu went missing. Can I retrieve it?

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If your accessories folder is missing, then you will have to follow few steps:

  • If accessories folder is missing from the start menu, then go to  C drive;
  • Then enter in users folder;
  • Find appdata folder , it is hidden.  So open the hidden file ; go to startmenu --- control menu ---- folder options ----   view(tab) ---- then check, show hidden files
  • Now you will find appdata in there.  You enter into roaming, then Microsoft then windows then start menu.
  • Then right click on the program folder ; then select properties ; then click.
  • If the problem is still showing ; then copy the start menu folder from another computer and paste it in appdata folder.

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Here is trick to retrieve files:

A so-called dummy file should be created with the same name and extension exactly as the lost file. Then, you should place it in the original folder where the lost file resided before.

After that, right click that dummy file.

Context menu will appeared, click on Properties.

There is tab Previous Versions. Click on it.

Then, magically a list of backup copies of lost file will appear.

Choose any copy and click Restore button.

Finally, click OK button.

Done. Problem solved.