Mouse moving up and down itself

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When I am working on my computer my mouse starts to move to and fro itself . I cannot select anything from my mouse because of it. I tried to take the wire off and then reconnect it  but the problem did not solve. What should i do?


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Mouse moving up and down itself


A mouse is often moved from one place to another hence it is prone to dirt such as dust, debris and other foreign matters. 

A mouse can be cleaned differently depending on whether it has a rubber ball, tracks or rollers

For a rubber ball mouse you can remove the ball, clean it and clean the rollers, clean the mouse pad, blow inside to remove dust and reassemble it.

For an optical Mouse you can use a pair of tweezers to pull out any debris because even a piece of hair strand can cause problems.

The problem can also be caused by hardware conflicts and other configuration problems.  The configuration settings can be done by starting the control panel then you click on mouse properties. There is a dialogue box that you can use to change the settings.

Generally I can advice that you don’t eat any food or drink near a computer, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and keep your mouse safe from falling down.

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Mouse moving up and down itself


There are a number of reasons why your mouse is not working as it should be. 

If you've already reseated the connection from the mouse to the computer, try another usb port.  If that doesn't work, try cleaning the mouse's sensor.  Make sure there is no dust or debris stuck in it.  If you are using a ball mouse, remove the ball and clean it using a damp cloth, make sure the ball is dry before putting it back in.  

The mouse surface you are using could be causing the issue.  Most of the time the surface lacks friction, so try a mouse pad or a piece of bond paper to help your mouse work better.  You might also want to try a known good mouse if you have one available from another system.  If your computer works with that, then it's best to replace your mouse. 

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