Dvd Rom Is Not Detected

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Please can someone help me. My computer won't detect my dvd rom. I tried my dvd rom with sata connection and ide connection. When I tried the dvd rom with sata connection,there would be no power. I tried all the 4 sata slots including the one which is used by my hard drive.

When I tried the dvd rom with ide connection, there is power but it is not detected by my computer.

Please help..

Thanks in advance

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Dvd Rom Is Not Detected


Hello Aamir,

I will share some of tips why you don't detect the DVD writer.

Your steps and procedure are indeed a good solution.

The other solution would be:

  • Try to change your POWER SUPPLY. Maybe your supply is defective.
  • Then checked it on to know IF the problem occur.
  • If none of it works, then try to use the DVD to another computer. This will determined if your DVD or the motherboard is the caused of the problem.
  • If it doesn't, then your DVD writer needs to be replace.
  • There's another way also to generate the problem thru system.
  • Go to the DEVICE MANAGER. I used Windows 7 so this will be located at the "CONTROL PANEL+SYSTEM SECURITY+SYSTEM"

Right Click on the DEVICE MANAGER.

  • In this portion you will see on IF the DVD Driver is detected or IF the DVD Driver needs to be update.
  • In order to update anything, INTERNET CONNECTION is a MUST.

Hope this will help you with this solutions.

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Dvd Rom Is Not Detected


Dear Aamir,

According to you, your problem is in DVD room, and you said that your DVD room is not detected, well, I want to ask you, are you sure? For you to know if your DVD is really not detected or not, just follow these steps for you to know the answer:

  1. Go to "Start Button"
  2. Right Click "MY COMPUTER"
  3. Click "MANAGE"
  5. Then choose "DVD-CD ROM DRIVES"
  6. If you can see a yellow icon, that means your DVD Rom is not detected but if not, maybe the following problem has occurred:
  • your DVD Rom is not properly installed or it has been uninstall by someone whom you don't know
  • your DVD Rom is full of dust and residue, you need to clean that up and needs to makes sure that the wire is not disconnected
  • Check your system and delete unnecessary data so that you will have a lighter load. 

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