Monitor Problem BenQ FP767 Help!

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Hi my question is related to my monitor BenQ FP767, problem is that it won’t turn on when I press the power button to start it, the LED blinks like every 3 seconds and then no activity what so ever. Although sometimes the LED blinks and you can see the desktop just for a small portion of a second but that doesn’t happen very often.

The reason why I have not scraped it until now is that sometimes it just turns on fine and works for hours until I shut it off. I hope someone can give me some idea as to what the problem is so that I can correct it and not lose more money on another monitor

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Monitor Problem BenQ FP767 Help!


First, check the cords of your monitor to your computer. Make sure all connections are intact. Remove the monitor from the power outlet and have it plugged in on another outlet .There might be some electrical problem. Power on your computer, keep the monitor off and Press F10 on your keyboard when you see the green light on and Press F5 and hit enter. This method will reset your BIOS settings, if there are any problems regarding software.

If your monitor is connected via your video card, check if the video card is working correctly. If you have a chance that your monitor will open, reinstall the driver for your graphics/video card. Check also the cooling fan of your graphics card. is functioning properly. It might be overheating, this can cause your monitor not to open or have your video card installed on another computer and see if its working.

To check if your monitor is working correctly, try to connect your monitor to another computer. If your monitor works then your video card is busted. If not then your monitor is close to dead. If the problem is your video card, then connect your monitor to the “built-in” monitor of your computer. Install the driver for your video card if using the windows XP CD. Check also the power supply for your monitor it might not be supplying enough power to your monitor. You can plug the monitor’s power cord straight to the outlet. For future troubleshooting, some of the reasons why some monitor are showing black screen is because of its resolution. You can adjust your screen resolution with the size of your monitor to prevent this kind of problem.

Here are some of the common problems of monitors:
Cascading Causes
Some of the monitor problems can only have a single reason why it is malfunctioning. If there is more than one problem on your monitor then you may need the help of a technician.
Odd lines and Patterns

If your monitor has strange lines showing on, try shaking the cords that connects your monitor to your computer. If the display looks much better then you might be having a problem on your cord. You might need to adjust the monitor’s menu option that may affect the odd lines and patterns on your monitor. If this doesn’t fix the problem then you may need the help of an expert.

No Display

If your monitor has no display, conduct a simple troubleshooting, check the cords if it’s connected correctly. If your monitor power led produces a green light then it is receiving enough power and signal. If the power led is orange then it does not receive any signal.

Image is Dim

There are two reasons why a computer monitor is dim. If the settings are not correct then adjust it from the menu of your monitor. The other reason is your monitor is close to the end. When adjusting the brightness of the monitor won’t help you to fix it. Then you might need a  help of an expert.

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Monitor Problem BenQ FP767 Help!


Hi Lynda,

The only reason that I see to your problem is that your monitor can’t receive enough power to turn on.This is what happens if some capacitor inside your monitor has been bloated. Follow these steps on how to test your monitor. Use another PC and connect your monitor, also use the monitor of that PC and connect it to your PC, observe if your monitor shows any display, the same to the monitor that you use for your PC. If your monitor doesn’t show any display but the other monitor shows display, then it’s time to take your monitor to a technician and do some troubleshooting.

I also try to search the net about this problem, and I found out that there’s a trick to make your monitor work again, this is how to do it,

On your monitor remove the power cord and hold the ON button for 30 seconds and then plug the power cord to the monitor and turn ON the monitor.

This trick doesn’t work to all monitors. Just a few type of them. Try it on your monitor. It might work somehow.

Good luck for doing so,

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