Water Droplet inside my BlackBerry Monitor

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Good day!

Yesterday evening I notice some water droplet inside the monitor of my Black Berry Phone.

What should I do to remove this and how will I do it?

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Water Droplet inside my BlackBerry Monitor


The first thing you need to do is to take out the battery. After taking out the battery, Make sure that there is no water residue inside the case. If you are confident with disassembling your phone, Do some at this point and with the right tools. If you need a guide on how to take out all the fun parts in the correct way, you can check out various YouTube videos (I can provide the link however, I don't know what your Blackberry is) or the Blackberry FAQ Page.

Next, wipe every phone part carefully. Finally you can place the phone parts in a bag of rice and let it stay there for a day or two. Rice absorbs moisture so the idea simply would be that the rice will absorb the water out of your phone. After 48 hours (and making sure the phone is completely dry), Put the battery and the SIM card back in and try to see if your phone starts up normally.

If the phone does not start up but the red notification light flashes up, put everything back into the rice bag and wait for a few hours more and then try again. (If rice is not available, you can use put your BlackBerry in a sealed container with silica gel packets as an alternative)

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