Modem Dial-up Connection Connecting Error

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Morning dear friends,

I am having problem with my Dial up modem connection.

It was working fine and suddenly it stopped working and gave this error message stating that there is an error in connection.

I thought that my connection might be out of credit, so topped up my connection with the credit and then tried to connect it but again I received the same error.

Dialing *99#…

Error 651: The modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error

Then I deleted the connection and made a new connection, through the connection wizard and then again tried to connect the modem, but the same error re-appeared there.

As it shows a redial try after 60 seconds, I let it try the redial after 60 seconds.  It tried the redial but failed to connect.

Now please, can anyone tell me why is this error repeating, while I have the credit and connection installed perfectly?

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Modem Dial-up Connection Connecting Error


Dear Break,

You are not clear in your question, which operating system you are using? Anyway, regarding this issue:

Dialing *99#

Error 651: The modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error

This message appears under two circumstances:

  • First open your device manager and check is there is one modem installed or two? And if there are any wireless adapter installed in your computer. If two modem drivers are installed, then delete one and after restarting your system, try to connect.
  • Secondly, remove your model device driver and download a fresh, updated software from the manufacturer website and reinstall it. After reinstalling the driver, your problem will be resolved.


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Modem Dial-up Connection Connecting Error


If dial-up modem has credits then you should be able to connect your dial-up modem and use Internet service without any problem. This also eliminate and isolate the problem. If it doesn't credits, then obvious, dial-up modem won't work.

When error 651: The modem has reported an error popped-up, the root cause of this is the connection itself. Connection is used as dialer allowing your modem and computer authenticate to the Internet Service Provider's server. If authentication is successful then they will let you use their Internet service. Problem is, connection is corrupted and sometimes miss configured. So, renaming the connection for dial-up is the solution to this, see for example, the name is "dialup.sys", replaced it to "dialup_org.sys" to fix the issue.

However, if renaming the connection won't work, then you'll need to recreate the dialer/connection. The screenshot will give you idea on how to do it.

Driver update is one of the work-around to this, installing the driver on this link does fixes the problem.

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