How can I unlock wireless access points for Wi-Fi?

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I have wireless access point and was wondering if it is possible to unlock wireless access points for WiFi?

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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How can I unlock wireless access points for Wi-Fi?



  1. First of all, the most important thing to know how to unlock a secured WiFi network is you must know the password.
  2. Second, open the wireless network options on your computer which is found in Control Panel.
  3. Third, select the name of the secured network in the network options.
  4. Then, choose/click the “Connect”. 
  5. Fifth, enter the security passkey to access the secured connection. 
That’s how you can unlock your wireless access point of your WiFi. If you don't know the password, then you can contact the WiFi administrator if they would allow you.
Hope that helps.
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How can I unlock wireless access points for Wi-Fi?



For access points it is same as configuring a wireless router, some how wireless access points are more complex. It is best to configure your access point by connecting the computer with and Ethernet cable directly to the access point. you need to set the IP address of your computer to static and enter an IP address of since the computer will have an invalid ip address if it is not connected to a modem or a router. You may need to reset the access point before you can access the user interface of an access point, depending on what brand of access point you are using you can perform ipconfig on the command prompt to get the exact ip address of your access point. The default ip addresses of Access points is there maybe a username or password after you hit enter.

Default username and password for access points would be admin for the username and password for the password. You need to type both username and password in small letters, some access points have their default username and password underneath them.

– On the set up page of the Access Point under Network Setup the configuration type is set to Static IP, keep it as static. But if your router has a different range of IP Address you need to change it in range of your router or modems IP. Example if the modem/router is set to an ip range of you need to set it on and save the settings.
– To configure the wireless, just look for wireless button. You can set up the security and create your own network name, please be reminded to take note of this settings then click on save settings.
– You need to set the computer’s IP address back to obtain an ip address automatically. Plug the access point on the Ethernet port at the back of the router. If you would have any problems, try to turn off both devices.
Hope this helps.

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