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When I tried to play a video file by media player, it hanged.I reboot it and restart, saw that all my video files are missing.How can i recover my files?

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If all of your video files were already missing, you can not install a new application to recover these video files because the new installation will overwrite the spaces that were previously occupied by these files.

If the sectors that were previously occupied by the video files were overwritten, you will not be able to recover the affected files anymore. Try checking first in your recycle bin if the files were accidentally deleted and then just restore them.

If the files were not there, shutdown the computer then detach your hard drive from the CPU. Be sure to unplug your computer before dismounting the hard drive to avoid any damage. Try installing a file recovery application on a different computer.

After installing the file recovery software, shutdown the computer then attach your hard drive. Start again the computer. When the computer fully starts, open the file recovery application then begin checking your drive for the missing video files.

You should never save any file on your hard drive while the video files are not yet recovered.

Sharath Reddy