Missing Battery Icon on System Tray

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop running Windows XP Home Professional Service Pack 3. My problem is, the battery icon on the system tray sometimes disappears without any error message. I go to Power Option Properties then checked the always show icons on the taskbar. But it still happens more often now.


While I was searching for a solution on how to fix it, I accidentally deleted the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Method Battery Driver from my device manager. Since then, I cannot be able to use my laptop without using the charger adapter. I cannot run my laptop on battery power anymore.

And the battery icon on my system tray is not showing up permanently. I don't know what to do with it as I searched on hundreds of forums, but could not resolve the issue. I don't have a restore points to go back to my previous settings. Even on safe mode, the battery icon is not showing.

Does anyone know where to download the driver for this?

Or if there is another resolution on how I can be able to fix this, please send me some advice. I don't have any disk with me, but I also want to know if I can provide a disk and recover or reformat my laptop, will I be able to run my computer again with battery?

Please help.

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Missing Battery Icon on System Tray


There are lots of solution for this kind of issue but this one works on my Laptop running on Windows XP OS and as far as i know this only works and tested on Windows XP. So first I would like to ask you if your using the same OS as mine, if yes then please follow my instruction.

1. Run DOS prompt by simply typing CMD on the Start menu.

2. Type the following "powercfg.exe /globalpowerflag off /option batteryicon" (don't include the double quotation mark).

3. Then, finally type this on "powercfg.exe /globalpowerflag on /option batteryicon" (don't include the double quotation mark).

If nothing happens try to restart your computer and take a look again.

Note: You need to "off" and then "on" the battery icon on the Command because making it "on" alone would not work, toggling on then off is recommended.

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Missing Battery Icon on System Tray


If you are facing problem that the battery icon is missing from the task bar then:

  • Go to the power options in the control panel.
  • Under the advanced tab.
  • There is an option to always show icon on the task bar right if it is already checked.
  • Then you have to unchecked it and click APPLY.
  • Then again checked it and click APPLY. By doing this the icon will appear.

For your problem of driver missing go to the following site and try hope your problem will be solved. Or From this site.

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Missing Battery Icon on System Tray


Battery icon now showing. Thanks expert for all the comment. You really helped a lot.

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