Technology used by flat-panel displays

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Can anyone tell me what is the technology utilized by flat-panel displays in order to produce a lighter and thinner display other than the traditional monitors?

I know that traditional monitors use cathode-ray tube technology but what is the technology used by flat-panel displays?

Thank you.

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Technology used by flat-panel displays


Also known as flat screens, Flat panel displays  are part of emerging high number technologies having electronic visual display. By characteristics, they are very thin and far lighter compared to traditional television sets and video displays which uses  cathode ray tubes (CRTs).

They are  usually  3.9 in (10 cms) or lesser in thickness. Please note that some CRTs were designed to have surfaced like flat front and so equipment using was  specified and advertised as “flat screen” which could many a time cause confusion.

There are mainly three usual types of flat panel displays which are

  • Liquid crystal displays ,plasma and electroluminescent display.
  • Plasma display –It makes use of the plasma generated by gas discharge which helps in displaying characters or images as and when needed. This PDP can also be classified as a DC (direct current) type of AC (alternate current) type
  • Flat panel displays can also be categorized into volatile or static types as well.
  • Volatile needs constant power output to refresh image or character on screen with a rapid movement in a second. The image would look constant due to constant refresh rate which is easily often the one which human eye can understand.
  • Static panel  depends on materials which has bistable color states. This would make them to have no energy to maintain images, but rather need energy to change them. However they have a high tendency to have slow refresh rates and as such undesirable in an interactive display mode.

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