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I've heard about a mini-ITX 'Prodigy' brought by BitFenix to support Bigsize components. Isn't it going to create a problem about component selection?

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 Hello there. The idea of the mini-ITX system is to get something that takes small space on your desk without causing much space problem in your work/play environment. But it typically does indicate problems in component selection like you have said. But the BitFenix has designed its mini-ITX chassis with answers to these questions in mind.

The Prodigy is like a small container of big ideas, it supports long graphics cards, tower coolers, water cooling radiators, all these are components which are not usually found crammed into such a small-spaced enclosure like that of mini-ITX. Toss aside your side panel and there is enough space for up to five hard drives-3.5 inches each or solid state drives for a home server, HTPC, or NAS box chore. If the FlexCage’s middle portion is removed, the Prodigy will go nice with long graphics cards up to 320mm (a little above 12.5 inches), which means you won’t be needing a GeForce GTX 690 or Radeon HD 7970 card and get spare room. Moving away the FlexCafe altogether makes space for a 240mm water cooling radiator

Prodigy also supports standard ATX power supplies; it has got two USB 3.0 supports on the I/O panel in the front; suspended by two handles on the top and bottom made from BitFenix FyberFlex Composite which is flexible but also offers great strength, and coated with the incredible rubberized SoftTouch Surface Treatment. Hope you have got the answer to your question. Peace.