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Hey everyone,

I need some help. For creating share point web application I am using Microsoft dynamic AX.

On my computer I am using Windows XP with SP2 that I have updated a few days ago.

When I was on way to create test share point I got error message. What happened?



Microsoft dynamics AX Setup

An unexpected exception occurred during Setup.

See the log file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Dynamics AX\Dynamics

AX Setup Logs\2010-08-26-11-54-33\DynamicsSetupLog.txt for details.

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Hello Augustin,

It seems like you have not yet enabled the internet information service yet and it is needed by the Microsoft Dynamics AX so as to work. Therefore you will need to enable the IIS service first on your computer so that you can use that application.

Just click on start on your computer and they type run in the search field and then press enter. In the dialog box that will come up, you will just type in inetmgr, and then click OK to open the IIS window. In the IIS window check all the services and then save the changes and then exit the window.

That is it, you will have enabled the IIS service.


Lee Hung