IP Conflicting Error in Windows XP Network

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I am working in a corporate office and using a shared network. Currently I am struggling to sort out the IP conflict error in my desktop PC. Everyday there is a windows error message shows up in the system tray and it happens several times in a day and vanishes automatically.

Windows - System Error

Windows – System Error

There is an IP conflict with another system on the network

It frustrates me too much though I am not having any problem with internet access or file sharing. I have discussed it with some of my colleagues and a few of them saw the same message. I am not a technical person and don’t have enough knowledge to solve it. Please help me to get out of this terrible situation.

Thanks in advance for the solution.

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IP Conflicting Error in Windows XP Network


This is a networking error.

Windows - System Error

For the solution of this problem, I have some recommendations for you:

1. Renew your IP address:

This first solution to try is to renew your IP address. Follow the details written below to renew your IP. To avoid any confusion that may cause you trouble during renewing your IP address, I’ve also added pictures to help you.

You can go to the Start -> Control Panel,

Start - Control Panel

Then click on Network Connections.

Network Connection

Right click on the local area connection and then choose Properties.

Local Area Connections

Click on the General Tab and then move your mouse a little bit down in the list box and then click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and highlight and then click Properties.

INternet Protocols

Now select Obtain an IP address automatically as well as Obtain DNS server address automatically..

Internet Protocol Properties

Now click ok. I hope this time you will succeed in renewing your IP address and will get rid of this problem which has caused you a lot of problems in doing your work.

2. Software Problem: If you are still facing the same problem even after following the above mentioned steps, then there might be some other reason to this problem i.e., IP conflict error and to me now there might be some software which is not performing its functions properly and leading to this problem eventually. If you are using some kind of software that has to do anything with networking, delete it and renew your IP again and check. This might solve the problem.

3. Programs like Anti-viruses: If you are still not able to solve this problem of giving an error of the IP conflict then there might be some programs which are not disabled and causing problems in renewing your IP address, for example, programs like Zone Alarm or Anti-Viruses programs like Norton Antivirus. Disable firewalls and Antivirus and check again.

4. Driver Problems: If you still cannot solve the problem and cannot renew your IP address then it could be due to Network Interface Card (NIC) and this is because due to some drivers installed on your computer so download the latest drivers and I hope this will work and you will not receive an IP conflict error message.

5. Re-configuration of an IP address: The other way to solve this problem is to change your IP address if your computer is using the static IP address but make sure that this new IP address is not already being used by someone else.The way to check it is to Ping the IP address. To ping an IP, click Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt.

A window like shown below will open.

Command Prompt

Type command: “ping ‘IP you want to put’ ”. In the image, I have used as an example. Put here the new IP, you want to give to your computer and press enter. If it shows that you are receiving packets, then this IP is being used already. If you get an error “request timed out”, then this IP might not be in use. You can try this one.

6. The use of DHCP:

If you don’t want to change your IP address manually than using DHCP is best as it automatically finds an IP address which is free and you can easily use it.

7. Updating a firmware:

Sometimes the actual DHCP fails to perform its proper function and assign the same IP address to more than one computer so for the solution to this problem you have to update your firmware which will solve the problem.

I hope this solves your problem.

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IP Conflicting Error in Windows XP Network



This network error indicates that someone in your network or another PC in your network has the same IP, this error also shown in the PC which has a duplicate IP address.To make this error fix, go and ask your I.T. Personnel about it and they will change your IP address a unique one.

Here’s how they do it. Go to the local area connection on the taskbar and it will display the local area connection status, and click the properties button.


When the local area connection properties display, choose the internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click the properties button.

internet protocol

In the internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties and they will change the 4th Block of the IP address and after that press ok and close the program.

set IP

The next thing to do is open the command prompt and they will type ipconfig and clicks enter.

If the result is like the image below, then the IP that use is unique and never been used.

get IP

But if the result is like the image below, then the IP is already use. And it should repeat the entire process to have a unique IP address.

network connection

Hope this can help.

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IP Conflicting Error in Windows XP Network


Hello Dear,

Thanks that you have shared your problem with us.

The dear IP conflict problem takes place when some other clients IP address matches with your IP address. In simple words, on the same network, if two clients have the same IP address then both of these clients are conflicting with one another.

You can remove this problem very easily.

Just change your IP address and take a unique IP that is not available on your network.

To change IP just right click on "my network places" and it will show your network connection. Double click on it and do as shown in these pictures.

Connessioni di rete

Double click on this or right click and choose properties. Then this will appear.

internet protocol

Then double click on "Internet protocol" or single click on it and click properties. Then this will show.

set IP

Now change your IP address.

Your problem will be resolved.

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