Memory not detected by computer

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I am installing a new memory but my Computer does not detect it at all.

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Memory not detected by computer

  • Be sure that your CMOS set up verify memory is properly configured.
  • It can also happen because your motherboard does not support the amount of memory you want to add. Old computers usually does not support large amount of memory exceeding to 128, 256 or 512 MB of memory. Check for BIOS update of your motherboard and see if the manufacturer already has a patch for this problem.
  • Check if the memory you are installing is compatible with the memory you are already using or to the motherboard itself. It can also be a cause of memory incompatibility.
  • Now if everything else fails it is possible that the memory you’re installing or the motherboard you’re using may be dead.
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Memory not detected by computer



  • First double check whether you RAM is working fine ( use another computer to check it).
  • Check motherboard and see whether your new RAM is supported by the motherboard.
  • Go to BIOS setting and check setting ( normally you don't need to enable setting to detect a RAM for a computer, but you may have the ability to make some changes in devices by using BIOS).
  • If all above actions not useful, please check your RAM slots, use a cleaning media and you can clean it, (cleaning dust).
  • Then try it again, if the problem is same you better check your Motherboard.


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Memory not detected by computer



You can check if the memory you are trying to use is compatible with you motherboard. There are various type of motherboard in the market which is compatible in different memory. The types of motherboard that is usual are: Socket 478 and 775. Most of the computer today has a motherboard of Socket 775 which is compatible with DDR2 memory or DDR3 memory that depends on variation of FSB (533 and 800 or higher). Clockhertz can also affects this situation. Please refer to you PC guide or you may search for real compatible peripherals for your MOBO.

Hope it helps.


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