Mechwarrior refuses to run fully on Windows 7 Need HELP!

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I am having a horrid time getting MechWarrior to play on my Windows 7.

It played on the previous windows, but not on this one.

It starts a mission then freezes and stops. 

I have even had the dreaded blue screen of death with the game.

I have downloaded the patches, I have copied and pasted the game from the install CD to a folder directly on my computer, but still it barely works. 

Sometimes it refuses to start altogether. 

Please help.

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Mechwarrior refuses to run fully on Windows 7 Need HELP!


Hi PoppyRichard,

Mechwarrior should be compatible for Windows 7. For your case, you need to uninstall and follow the following steps before the installation.

1. Right  -click on the installer file (.exe file)

2. Select Properties then go to the Compatibility tab.

3. Put a check on the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” then select the previous OS which do you think it worked.

4. Then under Privilege Level, place a check on “Run this program as administrator”

5. Click Apply then OK.

Then run the installer and this should be working. If that didn’t work, you may try to reinstall it but take note of the following.

1. During the part when it’s asking for the installation path, change it to "C:/Program~2/" or  "C:/Program File/" depending on the version of Mechwarrior you are using.

2. All 64-bit applications resides under C:/Program File and all 32-bit apps under C:/Program File (x86) (shortened name will be "C:/Program~2/Adobe").

Hope this helps.


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