Measure real time usage of a GPU

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How can I measure real time usage of a GPU? Some of the games I play give me below 60 FPS most of the time.. why do they not give me 100% ? Please let me know..thanks

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Measure real time usage of a GPU


 Hey Darnell,

To measure your GPU usage, perhaps you should try using GPU Monitor 8.3. This will help you to track video card details, GPU load and even the presenting temperature fan. You can download this gadget on this site. And usually having 60 FPS below depends on your net connection and your video card settings. If you have NVIDIA, you might want to try these following steps to increase your FPS while in game:

1. Go to your NVIDIA Control Panel (you can do it by right clicking your desktop or by searching through Start Menu)

2. On the left side, click “Manage 3D Settings”.

3. Scroll down and look for “Vertical Sync”.

4. Click and select “Force Off”.

5. Click “Apply”.

After doing those steps, try to restart your program/ game to apply this setting.

I hope this information will help you.


Martine Paul


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