Match 2 excel data sheets

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Hi, I got 2 data tables. 1st table content "web address" and there "contact email address"(about 500). 2nd table content only web addresses(about 800)so i need to match the 2nd table web address with 1st table web address and find email address for each web address and copy to 2nd table.

Please tell me how to do it easily.

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Match 2 excel data sheets


VLOOKUP will do. If your amount data are in column D of Sheet 2, try placing this into the cell of row 2 in the column in Sheet 1 where you want "amount" returned.


Then drag this formula down the Sheet 1 column as far as you have to. Adjust the A:D and the "4" to match your actual data structure.

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Match 2 excel data sheets



To compare details from two Excel tables, do the following:

1. Open a blank Excel document and copy-paste the first table.

2. Use Excel's AutoFilter function under the Data tab to arrange the contents of the table alphabetically.

3. Do steps 1 and 2 for the second table.

4. Copy-paste both tables, now arranged alphabetically, side by side.

There you go. Hope this helps.

Murakami Wyatt

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