How does the Kinect work?

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It's really interesting when we see the Kinect working. I'm talking about the XBOX Kinect. What thing makes the Kinect work properly? Which programming language is used in order to program games for Kinect? Which is better among the Kinect and Play Station Camera? Are PS Move and Kinect similar to each other?

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How does the Kinect work?



Yes, “Xbox 360 Kinect” is a very great technology in the gaming consoles in today’s world. The things that make the “Xbox 360 Kinect” work properly are as follows:

  • Cameras.
  • Microphones.
  • Software.

With the help of this, the “Xbox 360 Kinect” helps to turn your body into the video game controller.

The programming languages which are being used by the “Xbox 360 Kinect” in order to program games are as follows:

  • C++
  • C#
  • VB.NET

These are the programming languages which are used in the “Xbox 360 Kinect”.

The “Xbox 360 Kinect” is much better than “Play Station Camera” due to following reasons:

  • “Xbox 360 Kinect” upgrades the original camera from VGA to 1080 pixel.
  • “Xbox 360 Kinect” has an “IR Camera” which gives the device a “Night Vision”.
  • “Xbox 360 Kinect” can also take your  heart rate with the help of a scan.

No, the moves of “Play Station 3” are totally different from the moves of “Xbox 360 Kinect”. There are some points by which you can say that the moves are different:

  • “Xbox 360 Kinect” uses your whole body to interact with games while “Play Station 3 Eye” picks up only the move controllers which result's it to work more accurate than “Xbox 360 Kinect”.
  • In “Play Station 3”, you can play your game by sitting down without moving any objects but in “Xbox 360 Kinect” you have to clear the area for playing games.

Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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