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Hi everybody,

Some problem with my Photoshop. Everybody knows that if we want to select some area in the Photoshop file, we have to just choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool. That's OK. But when I choose Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw on some area, it just selects only square area. It does not support to select Rectangular area.

And When I choose Elliptical Marquee Tool, it just selects only round area, but not Ellipse area. And when I use Crop Tool, it is also facing the same problem. How can I set these tools working properly?

Marquee tool error

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Hi Mildred,

I believe what you are trying to do is edit some parts of your photo in a specific area either using "Marquee Tools" am I right? What a marquee tool does is select an area of the layer active and you can edit it within the area bound by the perimeters. If you may please specify what exactly do you want to do with your photo in Photoshop or CS?

If you want to edit other parts in your photo, not just in fix shapes like rectangular, ellipse or oval. You can always use the "Lasso Tool" located in the left side menu of Photoshop. You can choose from Polygonal and magnetic tool, this depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Please see attached image of Lasso Tool location. It is very easy to use, just like a marquee tool, you can control the points or region of areas you want to edit, just make sure you are using it on an active layer.

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  • You might have the problem in your keyboard. When selecting an object using marquee tool, in any form, if the shift key is pressed it will create a proportional marquee, if it is for rectangle, I will create a square and if it is ellipse it will create a circle.
  • Try cleaning your keyboard specially the shift key. Remove the keys and blow with air using blower to remove dirt and dust inside the keyboard assembly.
  • If you have enabled your filter keys, change your filter key settings and if possible disable your filter keys. Settings of filter keys may access by pressing the shift key for 8 seconds. Filter key dialog box appears on your screen for the settings.

NOTE: Marquee tool is different from Lazo tool.