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Can I make two 404 pages for one website in is?

 I need one to be for the public and one for a members who log in.  


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You can create one 404 page for your site. Also, you can make two. But you have to got a several idea about create a 404 page.

You have to maintain two steps.

Step one- modified the httpd.conf file

Find out your web sever configuration file it called as httpd.conf

Now you have to find out the block of statements, it signifies your servers behavior and location. You can fond it here- /etc/httpd/httpd.conf, /usr/local/www/conf/httpd.conf

In typed server, it will be look like that I given below-

DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/
ErrorLog logs/intuitive/error_log
TransferLog logs/intuitive/access_log

The process is going with it's way. Visit here for a detailed-

You can visit this site also for a better idea-