Macrium Reflect 5 I encountered an error during partition

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Hello Pro,

When I try to partition the new hard disk using the Macrium Reflect 5 I ended up with this error message. Partition went good without any problem, but the problem is with the space. For your information I was trying to copy a disk from 75 GB to 200GB, I have ample amount of space. How come there is insufficient space? Please help.

Not all partitions copied. Insufficient space.

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Macrium Reflect 5 I encountered an error during partition


I think there is something not right with the way you partition your hard drive or the way you copy the partition to another drive. Before copying the original partition or the source partition to the target drive, make sure it has enough free space for the partition to be copied. Here’s how to properly do the partition cloning.

Open Macrium Reflect, select the disk you wish to clone, and click “Clone this disk”. See image.

In the Clone Disk Wizard window, click “Select a disk to clone to” under Destination section. Next, select the hard drive you wish to copy. Since there is only one available drive, from that drive select the partition or partitions you wish to clone by dragging and dropping them below or to the target drive. See image.

In case the target drive already contains partitions, you need to select each partition on the target drive and click “Delete Existing partition” before you can drag the source partition and resize it. To modify the size of the partition after drag and dropping it, click Clone Partition Properties. To resize it, drag the arrow to your desired partition size and click OK. See image.

Do this again on all partition if you have several partitions to clone and then click Next. You will see the summary screen after that. Just review the settings and click Finish. After clicking Finish, this is the only time that the actual cloning process will begin. Just wait for it to finish and check the drive.

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