Low on Memory when memory is available

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I have a desktop with 2 GB Inter Core Duo processor. 2 GB ram and 180 GB hard drive. I am using Windows 7 as my operating system. There are 2 things happening on frequent basis. When I boot my system it gets stuck on the first screen for about 5 minutes and then when I start an application it gives me a pop up (Low on Memory). As I never use heavy applications and when I check my memory usage it is also available up to 70%. I have tried different remedies but still I am unable to overcome this problem.

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Low on Memory when memory is available


I have also experimented the same problem, so what I did,  I just increased the Virtual Memory cache to maximum 6144, which might avoid the problem for you as well. However that not the permanent solution.

You need to check you’re RAM as well whether that is working perfectly or not. If RAM is okay then it’s a Virtual memory problem is not any physical RAM problem. You can also check your running programs through Task Manager, and if any program found running which you are not using you can End the process of that program by right clicking on that program and select End Process.

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Low on Memory when memory is available


Dear Mnindo,

                         You first need to check your system resources also check your RAM capacity and process which is taking so much resources. To check all of these follow these steps.

  • First go to start and press run then type "dxdiag" and press ok.
  • It will show you all of your system resources check them one by one and make sure they are up to date.
  • Second you need to check the process. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL from your keyboard and then go to process tab.
  • Here look for process that is taking most of computer resources and try to resolve it.
  • Once you have trace the issue you can either end it or can permanently delete it from the list.
  • Also check there is no fault in your computer hardware. Specially check the RAM memory for this purpose.

On taking these steps you will be able to solve your problem.

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