Looking for a fast and power efficient processor

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I got a GA-MA785GM-US2H AMD version 1.1 Motherboard, I want to upgrade it for less power consumption. At the moment, I am using this processor AMD Phenom 9600 Quad –Core BE, its CPU usage is up to 95 watts. I was thinking of getting a Phenom II X6 1065T and reduce its speed to 2.6 GHZ because its CPU usage is also 95 watts. If I do that, will it reduce its power usage? Moreover, can I upgrade it again whenever I need to do stuff that needs high speed like video conversions? I was also thinking of using the 910e processor, its CPU usage is 65 watts but the speed is a bit lower than the other processors. How do I work on the processors to get a good piece that will fit my requirements or what do I need to put together to get a perfect piece that is fast and at the same time use less power?

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Looking for a fast and power efficient processor


Hello Mary,

When it comes to processors, those that consume less power will tend to be a bit slow hence not so good if you need to use your system for more power consuming applications like games.

But those that consume more power may be faster and therefore good for more power intensive applications. Though the estimated consumption may be about 95 watts, you can regulate the power using the settings on your system. For instance, instead of putting the system in the high power mode when it can when it can do the same function in the low power mode; you just set it in the low power mode. Minimize on running many applications at the same time too.


Lee Hung

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